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Tickets will be released for sale when the 3DL Team determines that we will not be putting ourselves, our friends, and family with at risk.

Please read the section "OUR CV-19 RESPONSE AND PRECAUTIONS" (Below) to find what we are doing to ensure the safety and well being of everyone coming to the 3DL 20/20 VISION GATHERING.

Part 1: What is the RSVP Light Support program?

The seeds for the 20/20 Vision Gathering

were planted some time ago. Since before our last gathering in Nov. of 2018 this has been the vision. So we have been working on this for a while before the Corona Virus popped up.

Coming into 2020 over 36 people were working on various aspects of this event and we were very close to "launching" our "Light Support Tickets" program in early April. Then it started to become clear that we should hold off for a bit and observe what is going on. After a couple weeks we decided to push pause on the launch until... (?)

We also make a commitment with each other... we will continue to create the event... but in a different way. We are still working on creating one of the most powerful, conscious, and transformative gatherings possible.One that is needed now MORE THAN EVER!

The decision was made to create and promote up a really sweet RSVP program that will help us get word of the event out and make it risk free for people to let us know they want to come by letting them reserve tickets now.

Light Support Tickets:

"Light Support Tickets" are tickets that we put up for sale EARLY in the process. These help us secure a venue and put deposits down to cover the basics of putting on an event like 3DL. The "Light Support Team", what we call those who purchase their 3DL tickets early to help us in this way, get their tickets at 1/2 off the TIER 1 Ticketing prices, plus there are several other special perks that come from being a part of the "Light Support Team".

However long it takes for use to get the "green light" to gather again, or until we come up with a plan that makes sense (which we MAY already have in place... just sayin') we will keep this RSVP program going.

Hopefully it will make it so that when we do issue the Light Support Tickets for sale they will disappear in moments. Usually there are about 100 of them made available. We will keep this one going up until we launch.

YOUR INVITATION!!! (Setting the scene Pt. 1)

Ladies and Gents... Beautiful beings of all ages, races, cultures and persuasions, we present to you... The Three Days of Light 20/20 VISION GATHERING!

Let's all take a DEEP BREATH... a collective sigh of relief. "Ahhhhhhhhhh..." Let's relax a moment. Please remember that there is so much more than THIS. WE are a team here. Team Earth! A Light Support Team.

OK team, ready? Let's go on a journey together... (This is FUN!)

It's the middle of the final day of 3DL 20/20 and you are in complete awe of how good you feel. You are happy, relaxed, excited, and inspired!

Imagine that you are surrounded by a deep forest. Fresh air fills your lungs. You are rested, your immune system is on high. Around you are incredible people from "all over" who are all feeling the same as you feel. Happy. Prepared.

You have just participated in one of the most amazing heart opening experiences that you have had before. You sat in on many profound workshops. You have played, and laughed, danced and moved in ways you haven't in a long time, maybe ever! Your heart if filled with the most incredible sense of connection and belonging.

Refreshed. Renewed. Something like a "brilliant light" fills you and all you can do is smile. Your entire being is vibrating. You are "glowing"!

*By using this RSVP ONLY Portal, you will be reserving your "Light Support Tickets", which will be made available to you when tickets do go on sale.

world that may never know that this kind of experience exists the feeling that you are a part of a tribe sinks in. You know that only you and those you share this weekend with will ever really know just how this beautiful, naturally fulfilling, pure experience helped to breath inspiration and joy into your heart.

You are ready to bring this magic and this power out to the entire world. You are, indeed, a part of this tribe. And if feels so good! And together we commit to creating a more vibrant, just, sustainable, and EMPOWERED global community.

Family. Culture. Learning. Dance. Play.

THIS is the feeling we want to instill in every single person who comes to live, learn and play with us at 3DL this year.

Here's even more for you to read... if you love reading as much as we do! :)

-The 3DL Experience (Setting the scene Pt.2. Event Description)

Setting: Deep in the heart of the forest, pure nature everywhere you look. Fresh water, clean earth... the sounds of the heart beat of Gaia resonate with your entire self.

From the moment you wake up, till the moment you lay your head down at night, there will be choices to help create and experience that is based on your interests and passions. You will have over 33 workshops and playshops all weekend long. All based on THE 4 PILLARS: Sustainable Living, Natural Health & Wellness, Personal / Spiritual Development, and Community / Culture & Activism.

And, of course, we will be creating several "Points of light"!

As of right now the points of light for the 20/20 Vision Gathering are as follows; The Healing Village, Artistic Portal, Sacred Sanctuary, Goddess Gardens, Flow Zone, Emergence Space, Nature Center, Yoga Village, and the Light Center. We are in discussions with several groups who are interested in creating some really sweet spaces.

Even though it's called "THREE DAYS of Light... this year you have the choice of coming for 3, 4, or 5 days. Some can only come for a few days, but many others will want to get the most out of our time together, so they are coming for 5 day. There will be workshops, playshops, and concerts each night. We will be releasing much more information as it develops.

There are also several programs and activities scheduled in our "Adventure

Island" (Kids Village) that welcome kids of all ages to come play and learn. then you already know how we do this beautiful thing! We are also working on having onsite certified child care for parents who would like to check out some of the more adult oriented experiences and rest assured that their lil' people are well taken care of.

Bless. Bliss. Love.

See you soon!

- The 3DL Ground Crew!


* By using this RSVP ONLY Portal, you will be reserving your "Light Support Tickets"

which will be made available to you when tickets do go on sale.


The 3DL Team is currently at work designing the safest possible event space for everyone to feel secure, cared for, and comfortable during 3DL. We are determined to go above and beyond any "regulations" provided buy local, state, and national health guidelines.

ANY AND ALL participants to the 3DL 20/20 VISION GATHERING are agreeing to comply with these to be announced safety precautions, which will be made well before the event and everyone will need to sign a letter of agreement stating that they will comply with our safety standards.

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